Branding Your Business The Right Way

Logo design and corporate branding can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. There are students or other people just starting out that knock out templated logos that are not unique for less than £50 a time.

Then there are agencies that research your business, understand your companies goals and get an all-around feel for what you are aiming to achieve before they even start, expect these quotes to start from several hundred pounds to well into the thousands.

Cheap is great, we all want cheap right? The problem is of course that you could have the same logo as another company or worse fall foul of copyright infringement on another companies material.

On the flip side, the most expensive verified rebrand produced to date was for BP, the UK based oil company, they paid an eye-watering $211,000,000 to redesign and then update all of their brand materials.

Of course, no one’s suggesting you should spend anywhere near that amount, just make sure that you choose your designer wisely and invest in your brand and business. You want it to be there for a long time without the need to re-brand anytime soon.

Remember that your logo appears on everything within your business from letterhead to website and is often the first thing that potential clients see before they even make contact, you need it to really represent your businesses values and show that you are worth their time.

Lee Panchbhaya

Lee Panchbhaya

Managing Director

Lee Panchbhaya is the Managing Director of Gloucestershire based PR Geeks Digital Marketing.

PR Geeks work with partners of all type and size, helping them achieve their desired business goals, whether that be creating a branded presence online or engaging their existing customers through Social Media Management and Email Marketing Strategies.

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