Driving Customers To Your Website

Research shows that over 80% of people will look to a website presence before trading with a company. People like to see that you are professional, have testimonials from real clients and are the right fit for the job.

Having the best-looking website in the world that can’t be found is not going to do you any favours, so how do you get those valuable clients to your website?

  • Let us build you a fast, clean coded site, Google hates mess!
  • Ensure you have good quality written content with the right keyword density.
  • Optimise your images so that they are the right size and fit.
  • Use ‘Alt Tags’ on your images to ensure that Google can read them.
  • Create internal links to help Google navigate the website.
  • Build external links from quality, relevant websites with high domain authority.
  • Create a good base of engagement on social media, Google loves social signals.
There are in fact over 200 ranking factors that Google uses to determine the top 10 sites on Page 1 in a few milliseconds. Of course, they don’t disclose the list and regularly move the goal posts, but the above will be a great place to start.
Lee Panchbhaya

Lee Panchbhaya

Managing Director

Lee Panchbhaya is the Managing Director of Gloucestershire based PR Geeks Digital Marketing.

PR Geeks work with partners of all type and size, helping them achieve their desired business goals, whether that be creating a branded presence online or engaging their existing customers through Social Media Management and Email Marketing Strategies.

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