Top 5 Tips To Get You Noticed On Instagram

1.Use Popular Hashtags
Hashtags are the first place to start when it comes to getting more likes for your photos on Instagram. Think about the subject matter, so that other Instagrammers interested in your photos and taking pictures of the same things will be able to find you.

2.Take Part in Community Activities
There are a ton of Instagram activities taking place on the mobile social network right now and many communities worth participating in. A good example would be #Photooftheday and #contestgram.

3.Give and Take
Like any social network or community, Instagram is all about engagement. It’s all about the give and take. The more you interact and give your time to other users, the more they will do the same for you. Liking other users’ photos is a great way to get noticed, and leaving thoughtful comments is even better.

4.Get Featured by Instagram
Getting featured by Instagram could gain you thousands of followers per day, but that, of course, is easier said than done. Instagram hasn’t really let on how it chooses users to add them to their ‘suggested users’ list – Just keep trying!

5.Finally, Get Creative with your Photo-Editing
Don’t limit yourself to Instagram’s filters. While they’re great, there’s simply no limit to the great iOS and Android apps available for avid mobile photographers (or if you are on a desktop try Photoshop).

Lee Panchbhaya

Lee Panchbhaya

Managing Director

Lee Panchbhaya is the Managing Director of Gloucestershire based PR Geeks Digital Marketing.

PR Geeks work with partners of all type and size, helping them achieve their desired business goals, whether that be creating a branded presence online or engaging their existing customers through Social Media Management and Email Marketing Strategies.

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